Modern Man

by Benjamin Folke Thomas

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released November 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Benjamin Folke Thomas Gothenburg, Sweden

Born on the coldest winter ever.
New Album 'Modern Man'
Out October 26th.

"stands out like Oliver Reed at an aa meeting" - The Observer

"The Best guitar playing you'r ever likely to hear" - Q Magazine
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Track Name: Tasteless and Complacent
I’ve got a minor inclination
To jump of a bridge or two
To dive in head first
From some golden gates of doom
Theres a dark cloud above me
Packed with acid rain
These days I tend to the streets alone
A self made man of clay

Life is tasteless and complacent
Missing inspiration
There’s a drummer in my head
With an everlasting lack of syncopation
It’s perpetual project
To build a palace for the muse
I’ve cleared all the rubble from the building site
But my plans are so confused

I need a little tenderness
Nothing more nothing less
I want a band of saints to clear my body
Try find some heat in my breast

Bitterness ain’t a flattering color
It rubs into you skin like sand
I heard a wise man once say
That even a dog can shake hands
Like those brownnose friends of mine
Whose talentless drivel won’t suffice
They are but pawns in a game of chess
First ones to get sacrificed
Track Name: One Day
I’m but a worn out troubadour
I go from bar to bar and I sing for room and board
Sometimes when the going gets tough
I try to sing a sad song to shut the people up

I played my first show when I was nineteen
In a basement in south London
I didn’t get paid i played for free
Yes I admit I wasn’t very good
I was trying to hard to be misunderstood

One day I’m gonna be a star sit atop my pedestal
Not care about the bars
And all the lines will come for free
And i’ll board that train from nowhere town to prosperity
And I’ll become right wing
Forget about the poverty and all the trouble that I’ve been in

I don’t keep in touch with old friends I used to know
Anyway they’ve all moved on now
And where they’ve gone I don’t intend to go
Wish I lived inside walls made out of stainless steel
Do my best to break free to prove I’m keeping it real

From the spotlight of the stage to the reverb of my voice
Theres a self-serving satisfaction
I can’t quit I’ve got no choice
All I’ve ever wanted is modest but moderate success
To get recognized on the street sometimes no more no less
Track Name: Stuff of Dreams
I dreamed of Paul Newman last night
He looked so handsome with his pool queue
and his necktie
And those famous eyes of steel

He was shooting nine ball in my local bar
I was sipping on a cocktail watching from afar
Smokey half lit room set a nice scene

I pulled some confidence
From the pool of human endeavor
Walked up to him tried to pull myself together
Tapped him on his shoulder
He turned around and looked at me

I spoke and told him I could beat him in three games straight
In the first one I potted the nine of the break
In the second one I planted the nine of off the three

Stuff of dreams

Come the third game man he didn’t stand a change
I potted each ball in turn around the table I danced
He stood there stiff as stone in complete disbelief

He put his arm around my should said
Hey you’re a pretty cool kid
We had a good laugh, we chewed the shit
He said I’m gonna write you a part
And put you in my next movie

We found a quiet spot in the corner of the bar
He told me about his life as a movie star
Cried when i spoke of east of eden and James Dean

He said hey ben I’ve gotta go I’ve gotta chariot waiting
But if you promise to be good
Maybe in heaven ill be waiting
Brace yourself for the concept of immortality

Stuff of dreams

Now he’s up there in heaven I want to go there too
Have a beer in the sun play a game of pool or two
Ride around on the clouds on his motorbike
Feel the freedom of eternity all day or night
No troubles no worries there shall be peace
And in that divine moment time will freeze
Track Name: Dead Horizon
Beyond the dead horizon
Dreams float upon a breeze
Rays of light they shimmer like tear drops
As the sun explodes into the sea
Somewhere I swear I can hear a trio playing
In some desserted bar they’re turning twelves around
So diluted and distorted
Smells of blood and piss when bad blues is all there is

Don’t let it bring you down tonight

Yes I’ve seen this place before
I remember how the cavalry marched in
I saw their flags and how they rose from the ruins
Now they’re digging up the rebels graves just to bury them again
Theres a gang of convicts dumping rubble in the river
Formed of men that once served in the army of Barabbas
Fooled by the pious glory of weaponized victory
Only the fools ever thought that their success would last

Don’t let it bring you down tonight

Former leaders of the axis of evil
In this new world order they’re free to congregate
With blue bloods and black shirts
They sing now in harmony
The blood of their past has been drained
And their faces have changed
What’s an old world today might be a new world tomorrow
For their riches they want you to make the ultimate sacrifice
They put up their signs showing the road to deliverance
Thats how they came conquered and colonized a fools paradise

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